Specialized Logistics

Our specialised logistics services cover a range of non-standard goods including Dangerous Goods, fragile items, and sensitive or high-value shipments. We ensure the highest standard of safeguards and protections for these goods, giving customers full assurance and peace of mind for their delivery.

Dangerous Goods

With more than two decades of experience shipping Dangerous Goods, our specialist team is well-equipped to handle even the most complex shipping and handling requirements. We’re constantly investing in keeping our knowledge of customs and security requirements up to date, and have built a robust track record for frequent and seamless Dangerous Goods shipping of both large and smaller volumes.

  • CPC- and IATA DGR-certified personnel
  • Over 4500 TEUs (FCL) and 15000 cubic metres (LCL) of Dangerous Goods ocean freight each year
  • 200 tons of Dangerous Goods air freight each year

No matter how sensitive or complex, your Dangerous Goods are in safe hands with FM Global Logistics.

Industry solutions: Aviation

FM Global Logistics regularly ships aircraft engines and other high-value aviation parts, handling end-to-end transportation with specialist technical support for maximal safety and integrity.

Industry solutions: Pharmaceutical

To support our customers in the pharma and medical industries, we’ve invested in over 5000 square metres of dedicated storage for medicines and medical devices, including both ambient temperature and air-conditioned storage areas. Our storage and handling processes adhere to all good distribution practices for medical devices, and bear the latest GDPMD certification from all relevant bodies.

Industry solutions: F&B

Our temperature-controlled and cold chain storage options offer a wide range of conditions to support food and beverage requirements, including support for special use cases:

  • Halal logistics prevent contamination of perishables and food products during transport or distribution, thanks to HACCP-based principles and standards that prevent any challenges to halal quality throughout the supply chain.
  • Wine supply chain management minimises storage and transport risks with temperature-controlled handling, specialist inventory and tracking procedures, and bonded warehousing where required.

Industry solutions: Fashion

We offer a specialised logistics service for high-value fashion items that combines high security and cleanroom quality to neutralise risks to your product. The service includes:

  • Cleanroom storage with dust-free environmental controls
  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring and security infrastructure
  • Value-added services including (but not limited to) relabelling and retagging

Join some of Asia’s top fashion brands in experiencing FM Global Logistics’ hallmark supply chain quality – delivering security, efficiency, and operational savings in every season.

Industry solutions: Engineering, Construction, Special Projects

FM Global Logistics hosts a dedicated highly-qualified project management team that handles bespoke project cargos in engineering, construction, and procurement. Our dedicated monitoring taskforce and supervisory staff ensure your bulk cargos make it safely to project sites anywhere in the world, even when being transported through remote or higher-risk areas to their destination. Whatever the size or scope of your project, we’ll partner with you to transport what you need, for when you need it.

Curious to know more about our specialised services for your industry? Talk to us today.