Scam and Fraud Notice

FM Global Logistics Holdings Berhad and its group of companies (“FM Group”) wish to alert members of the public to be cautious and vigilant of the various scams used to perpetuate fraudulent activities through the unauthorised use of FM Group’s company name, corporate logo and/or names and positions of FM Group’s officers and employees in fraudulent communications that appear to originate from or be associated with FM Group or any of its officers or employees.

Such fraudulent communications can take the form of scam phone calls, mails, notices, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, fake website(s) or fake social media platforms (including Facebook) and may contain false or misleading contents, requests, or instructions which FM Group is not involved in or associated with in any way.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent communication (including any email, SMS or WhatsApp) or found a suspicious website or social media account that tries to pass off as FM Group, please notify us immediately and refrain from responding to them or sharing any of your personal information with them.