Health, Safety, Security & Environmental

HSSE Policy


We aim to be EXCELLENT in all our business endeavours. The operations and management philosophies take into consideration the following:-

  • Health, Safety and Security of all the people working in and for the company
  • Care, conservation and protection for the Environment
  • Safeguarding the interests of all Stakeholders and Communities at large
  • Focus on maintaining Sustainable Development


In pursuit and implementation of this HSSE Policy, the Top Management and all its employees shall be committed to the following principles:-

  • Comply with all HSSE legislations and customers’ requirements
  • Actively identify, determine and implement effective solutions for all significant work risks and environmental impacts.
      • The GOAL shall be prevention of harm to people and prevention of pollution to the environment
      • The Hierarchy of implementing controls shall be in the order of priority:
        • For Work hazards (Eliminate, Substitution, Engineering Controls, Administrative Means, and lastly PPE)
        • For Environmental aspects (Reject, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
  • Develop performance standards, objectives, targets and continual improvement programs
  • Creates and maintain a proud HSSE Culture through active participation, consultation, communication and competency building


We shall establish the Management Systems in accordance to International Standards such as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, monitors its implementation through operational controls and audits, and reviewing its performances and effectiveness periodically. We shall make it a preference choice for all suppliers / vendors to subscribe to our HSSE Policy.



Quality Policy


Freight Management is committed to provide Quality Service that meets the highest level of Customer Satisfaction through benchmarking against set Quality Objectives and by continual improvement of the ISO 9001 QMS.


Chew Chong Keat

Group Managing Director