Our tailor-made logistic solutions for e-commerce businesses is designed to meet our customer’s needs. We work to ensure fulfilment is managed with ease and handled with care.

We are a leader in enabling businesses to enhance their logistic operations and deliver top-notch customer service. The technology accelerates customers online retail journey, helping businesses store, manage, protect, and deliver goods directly to their customers. We analyze sales and provide support to drive incremental sales of products and goods.

More and more business transactions today are being completed through online or web venues. This includes e-fulfilment of transportation and storage transactions. The future of retailing is no longer limited by physical boundaries. Whether you are selling or marketing, you need to reach out to your customers via traditional physical channels; brick and mortar stores, trade shows and departmental stores to online channels; e-stores, marketplaces and multi-band online stores. Online or offline, the customer’s purchasing journey can start and end on either one. This is omni-channel commerce or as we like to call it, omni-commerce.

Omni-channel commerce can be a real challenge for most businesses due to the increased cost of operations that comes with each sales channel. Imagine having to upload photos and product descriptions numerous times, learn and operate multiple marketplace platforms, execute pricing strategies across different channels, set up multiple fulfilment standards, work with various logistics partners, perform complicated stock transfers and manage multiple billing cycles. The workload only increases exponentially with every additional channel. With FMGL, we help you ease the challenge of logistics and fulfilment while you focus on running your business.